Monday, June 21, 2010

Welcome to Los Olivos homegrown
This was a good Year all and all in my garlic patch ive been collecting for 8 years must of tryed 100 differant cultivars of garlic ,,,this year i have 55 five of witch are native american indian garlics three from a very kind woman in Santa Fe New Mexico one from the osage indians in Kansas and also a east coast wild garlic called candesa forgive my spelling i no this is wrong its canadian ,, anyway it said that [wild] garlics are up to 10 times more potent,, the natives used to turbo charge there immune systems and keep there blood preesure under control with these [wild] garlics there drugstore was in the wilds it will be interesting to see how they do.
this is a picture of my 2009 -2010 crop some did well some not so good, My Rose du laurtric awonderful French Creole cultivar had a lot of stress this yr for some reason dont know why, believe me i,m puzzled but the good news is i have a lot and its still very tasty , those of you that have been waiting its here ,but be quick, it s going to go fast ive been open for 5 weekends and ive sold record amounts of garlic , remember i sold out last year by September, well thats it for today June 21 i still have Oregon blue to harvest tomorrow mex. red silverskin ,Metachi And Rose Du Var and the elephant garlic i believe i had grown about 1 ton this year and sold at least 200 to 300 lbs already

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